12oz. bags

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El Salvador, Usulután







Notes from our Green Buyer

El Pepinal one of the highest points on the Las Mercedes farm in Usulutan, El Salvador.  For the El Pepinal Honey, Lucia and Roberto harvest these cherries and run them through a mechanism that tears the skin off the fruit while leaving the sticky pulp of the coffee clinging to the bean.  The beans are dried in this sticky sweet goodness, giving rise to the name “Honey”-processed (not actual honey).  The process adds body and sweetness to your cup, making it very versatile for brewing and also great in an espresso extraction as well!

Notes from our Roaster

Pepinal Honey is going to be another one of your favorite single origins this year—I guarantee it. This processing method allows additional fermentation to occur beyond that of a washed-processed, providing complexity in your cup and enhancing the harmony between its acidity and sweetness. This is a particularly juicy coffee with a uniquely tropical flavor profile. You’ll taste pineapple and peach straight away.