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A Guide to Great Coffee

While there are many flavors and aromas to be found in coffee, we’ve found that there are three main tastes: Sweet, Tangy, and Savory.


Do you like to keep it sweet but balanced? Keep it to the afternoon. These well-rounded, crowd-pleasing coffees have lots of "mid-range" notes like caramel, cream, and subtle fruits.


Do you like it bright? Want your coffee keeping you on your toes? You're looking to burn the midnight oil. These coffees have lots of what we call "high" notes like citrus, stone fruits, and berries.


Do you like it chocolatey? Not looking for any surprises? Looks like you're an early evening kinda person. These are the coffees with lots of "low" notes like pecan, dark chocolate, and brown sugar.

The Guides

By using the categories of Sweet, Tangy, and Savory, you can consistently identify a coffee that matches your unique preference (or take the quiz for extra help). And by using the brew guide, you'll get your best cup, regardless of brewing method.