12oz. bags

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El Salvador, Usulután







Notes from our Green Buyer

Lucia Ortiz grows an array of different varietals at Finca Las Mercedes, and we have another one of those offerings here, which add uniqueness and variation to your cup of coffee. The Pacamara varietal, has its roots in El Salvador as well. It is a cross between the heirloom Maragogype varietal and the Pacas varietal, which was developed by the Pacas family in El Salvador. They have done a classic wash (my favorite) with this lot that keeps it really clean and allows the inherent flavors to shine through. These oversized beans offer outstanding complexity and sweetness to your cup.

Notes from our Roaster

Lucia’s washed-processed Pacamara offers more depth than some of our other washed-processed mainstays. Unlike our Guatemalans, the Pacamara has a heavier body, or mouth-feel, that accompanies its sweetness. The heavier body adds weight to its sweetness and accentuates more of those low notes, like toffee and toasted sugar, instead of just being sweet or sugar-y. While acidic, its acidity contributes more towards a tropical juiciness than a bright citrus flavor. This is why you’ll find mango more appropriate than the typical orange note.