12oz. bags

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Dominican Republic, Jarabacoa







Notes from our Green Buyer

Chad Wallace likes to swim upstream. He started this farm 20 years ago in the Dominican Republic, and coffee farming in places where it’s not a cultural tradition can be challenging, as resources and shared knowledge can be scarce. But Chad makes it work while simultaneously utilizing the farm to support a local school and a nature preserve.

Notes from our Roaster

El Espiritu brings a unique nuttiness to our coffee line-up that the majority of our other coffees don’t offer. You’ll taste almond or pistachio right off the bat. This Parainema varietal, which is what you have in your hand, is a hybrid-varietal whose cup quality leans away from the high and bright and down towards the sweet and savory. You can expect this coffee to have a low acidity, or tanginess. Instead, you’ll find a fairly singular flavor profile, sweet and nutty.