Who is CliffMade?

The way your food is sourced & served matters

Who is CliffMade?

CliffMade is everything we do. Oak Cliff Coffee began with the realization (and frustration) that great coffee was impossible to find in Dallas—and if we felt it, we were sure there were others.

Then, as we began to grow, we found the standard methodology for corporate growth antithetical to our understanding of our responsibility to our people—to our producers, to our clients, to you.

So, we made the decision to grow in depth rather than width, and CliffMade took shape in 2017 with further realizations that real bread and real chocolate were likewise impossible to find in Dallas. We further engaged our original motivations (and frustrations) to offer you well-sourced and well-made naturally-leavened bread (Candor Bread) and bean-to-bar chocolate (5 Mile Chocolate).  And we’ve now become a family of businesses, including Race Street Coffee in Fort Worth.

Davis Street Espresso

Your neighborhood. You can get it all here while watching it all being made. Your Oak Cliff café under the same roof as your Coffee, Chocolate and Bread creation!

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Race Street Coffee

CliffMade on the west side. We’ve joined forces with our friend, Aaron, to bring Fort Worth a beautiful, unique expression of Oak Cliff Coffee, Five Mile Chocolate, and Candor Bread.

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Five Mile Chocolate

Your chocolate. We were already traveling around the world for you, so we figured we could bring you back some chocolate with your coffee. Farm-sourced cacao, handmade over a 5-day process with only one addition (organic sugar) into chocolate. From the bean to the bar. Enjoy!

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Candor Bread

can•dor \kăn′dər\ n 1 : frankness or sincerity of expression

This is your bread; we simply make it. And we have a responsibility to you for the ingredients sourced and the processes used. Candor Bread specializes in sourdough—a particular style of bread made with 3 ingredients (flour, water, salt) that uses a 3-day process culminating in a caramelized, crisp crust and a tangy, chewy center.

Your bread is made and baked daily along with cinnamon rolls, brioche, croissants, scones, and cookies, available at Davis Street Espresso. Good food is a sincere expression of the elements from which it is comprised. Like good bread. Bread, with candor.

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East Kiest Farms

Your source. You already know that we farm-source most of what we make here from coffee to chocolate to bread, eggs, and milk. And our journey keeps guiding us closer to the source. East Kiest Farms is CliffMade’s urban farming project that will begin with permaculture orchard fruit, pasture eggs, and local honey to supply much of what you buy from us.

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