12oz. bags

decorative blue tiles.


Ethiopia, Limu







Notes from our Green Buyer

We’ve had the privilege of working with Moata Raya through Crop to Cup for several years now. Unlike other importers, Moata is actually stationed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, sourcing coffees and managing several farms’ processing methods to ensure the quality of these coffees for export. Moata has spent several years training Abdulwahid, owner of the Kossa Geshe Estate, on better farm management and practices. This special lot, set aside by Abdulwahid, followed every instruction given by Moata during processing.

Notes from our Roaster

Kossa Geshe is the hallmark of Ethiopian naturals, having the quintessential berry and floral flavor profile you’ve come to expect from Ethiopia’s specialty coffee. The fermentation that occurs during the natural-processing method, when the seeds are laid out to dry with the coffee cherry still intact, imparts a louder fruity flavor—like grape or strawberry jam. Managing the fermentation well is crucial, as it can easily over-ferment and taste artificial—like red candy, or even plastic. Fermentation not only affects the sweetness of the coffee but the texture, or mouthfeel, as well. When done well, you get a “clean,” floral taste and mouthfeel to accompany those loud fruit flavors—nothing astringent, heavy, or harsh in the aftertaste.