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Guatemala, Antigua







Notes from our Green Buyer

Finca Chuito is the third coffee farm that I ever stepped foot on. It’s an old family farm of Luis Pedro Zelaya, and while it sits a few minutes outside of Antigua in Chimaltenango, it’s a quintessential Antigua coffee farm in the best way with old growth bourbon trees shielded by well-pruned grevillea shade trees. Luis Pedro is one of the originals when it comes to direct trade coffee of the third wave, moving the family farm beyond traditional commercial coffee by attention to cupping (tasting) protocols, processing and drying practices. Now Finca Chuito has become a quintessential Oak Cliff Coffee!

Notes from our Roaster

In our experience, Chuito is one of the ideal Guatemalan micro-lots to offer on espresso. With this particular coffee, you’ll taste two things straight away: citrus and sweetness, two aspects that make a great shot of espresso. While bright, this coffee’s not exceptionally tart. Why is that? Because its sweetness is the most prominent feature and actually balances out the acidity (like orange versus lemon). Coffees as sweet as this extract nicely on espresso or on an aeropress.