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Philosophy of Farm Sourcing

Our philosophy: Do good work.

When you drink our coffee, we want you to be able to taste the fruits of labor done well. Of course, the quality of the coffee itself is central to this, but like all truly “good work,” quality has many layers to it and is built upon the people beneath it.

We work with farmers who do good work because we have a responsibility to you to be trustworthy. The labels utilized to describe how coffee is processed and grown have become mystified marketing terms. “Fair Trade” and “Organic” certified coffees that do not better the lives of their producers or improve the quality of the coffee are a product of government-supported corporate marketing initiatives. We liken this to the idea of certified “cage-free” or “free-range” eggs. Of course, you and I can see through this. Does it improve much the quality of life of the chicken? No. Does it change the nutrition of the egg? No. Does it leverage consumer confusion for increased revenues? Yes. So, we go to the source because the only way to know if your food is good, is to get as close to the source as possible, then determine if you trust that source.

So, we’ve built our tools to communicate to you how your coffee has been sourced and grown. And when we find the farmers that will grow your coffee, we get to know them and ask them questions, because we want to know 1) the coffee is really good, 2) this will be a long-term relationship, 3) the farmers’ practices include improving the health of their soil and plants, improving support for their workers, and continuously improving quality. For farmers that are willing to put in this kind of work, we offer our support by reciprocating the long-term relationships, by paying a real price that reflects their work (not a commodity—market price), and by sharing knowledge and expertise towards their growth.

But does it even matter if you can trust the source of your food? We think it does, and we think your coffee roaster has a responsibility to convey that trust. Farm-sourced coffee isn’t just about letting you know the name of the farm your coffee came from, it’s bridging the gap between you and your coffee producer.

Who Grew your coffee?

Farmers who devote their attention to their work so that your cup is good. They know great coffee and they’re always innovating and improving. Our work is to bridge the gap between them and you.

meet the farmers

how is your coffee sourced?

We develop a long-term relationships with the best coffee farmers around the world. We pay them right, and according to the quality of their work. We understand their challenges and how they’re meeting those challenges, and we learn and share knowledge so that your coffee is always getting better.

Meet The Farmers

Luis Pedro Zelaya

Antigua, Guatemala

Our oldest coffee friend, we met Luis Pedro in 2011. We showed up on the doorstep of his Bella Vista Mill in Antigua as green as the coffee we source. But he’s been doing this his whole life, and he is one of the best! He and his team (Melanie, Dulce & Luis!) have been our partner for over a decade because they are meticulous, consistent, and their quality only improves—despite any set back. He grows his own coffee and mills coffee for his friends and family as well. Look for Chuito, Pulcal, and Buena Vista.

Moises & Marysabel Caballero Herrera

Marcala, Honduras

From the moment we met them in 2012, we knew they were special people with a special farm, and it’s impossible to say enough about them. Forget the numerous awards and accolades they’ve garnered because they won’t mention them! Simply… they care for their people and their product. And over the decade we’ve worked with them, we’ve seen them grow their operations and their team and bring more and more of the coffee process under their control to increase the quality and consistency that you get to enjoy! We’ve shared family vacations and weddings and watched either other’s children grow. And we hope to see our kids one day working together as well! Look for El Puente, El Puente Natural, and El Puente Geisha.

Maria Elena & Javier Botto

Matapan, El Salvador

Maria Elena & her son, Javier, are part of our original Farm Source Program, as we started working with them in 2011. Their farm, Nombre de Dios, has been in their family since Maria Elena’s grandfather. Javier is ever the tinkerer, working on news ways to understand quality in coffee and increasing the health of trees by various experiments in sustainability. They are one of the first farms we worked with who really focuses on reducing water usage in processing coffee, and we love their commitment to being better. And of course, that means their coffee, too! Look for Nombre de Dios, Nombre de Dios Honey, Nombre de Dios Pacamara.

Lucia and Roberto Ortiz

Usulutan, El Salvador

We know Lucia first by her energy. This woman works – she works for her roasters that buy her coffee, she works for her workers that pick and process her coffee, and she works for her coffee. We love her dedication to coffee, and we love her coffee, too, which we’ve been buying since 2013. She has an amazing coffee nursery at her farm, Las Mercedes, and is always trying new coffee varieties for quality and rejuvenating her farm. Her coffees are consistently among the best in El Salvador, and we’re grateful to call her a friend and a partner. Look for Las Mercedes, El Rio Honey, Primavera, Pepinal, and The Christmas Offering.