12oz. bags

decorative blue tiles.


Colombia, Caldas







Notes from our Green Buyer

I met Huber at a coffee festival in Manizales, Colombia in 2017. The following day we took a long trip to visit his tiny farm, La Diana (also his wife’s name) in the high and remote area of Montebonito. We’ve since continued to work with Huber, bringing in a special lot of his coffee every year (even participating in a local auction, just to secure his best lot!) and financing a project to improve the drying beds on his farm. This one is really special to us, and we know you’ll love his coffee as we do!

Notes from our Roaster

It’s seldom that we offer single origin coffees along the left-hand side of our flavor dial; these types of coffees exhibit a tangy-savory flavor profile that contrasts remarkably with the right-hand side of our flavor dial. It’s here that you get those low-notes, like chocolate or pecan, coupled with a high and bright acidity, like tart citrus or gooseberry. Thus, the balance of these two aspects creates a very complex coffee! Huber Grajales’ coffee is a quality representation of a savory/tangy flavor profile.