12oz. bags

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Kenya, Nyeri







Notes from our Green Buyer

The Gachatha Mill is situated in the Aberdare Mountains of Nyeri near the Kagumu river. The mill is one of a few mills in Kenya that seems to never miss their mark. They focus on continuing education for their small-holder farmers that contribute to the coffee, and they maintain a high standard for their practices and their quality. We are excited to get to bring this coffee back to you!

Notes from our Roaster

Kenyan coffees (according to our Taste Guide) are almost always Tangy—either tangy-savory (10-12) or tangy-sweet (12-3). The classic Kenyan coffee lands along the savory side with an almost pithy fruit note like grapefruit, gooseberry—or even tomato! However this coffee, Gachatha, happens to be on the tangy-sweet side. Instead of gooseberry, you’ll taste a more developed sweetness better described as peach with honey. And that herbal/floral note of Hibiscus? It’s quite unique, too. The finish, or after-taste, is pleasant and doesn’t wick away the moisture in your mouth. While we love the classics, it’s always enjoyable to offer a contrasting coffee like Gachatha.