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Guatemala, Antigua







Notes from our Green Buyer

Buena Vista has become an Oak Cliff Classic thanks to our friend, Luis Pedro, and his family farms in Antigua, Guatemala. This is probably the twelfth time we’ve offered this coffee, and there are great reasons why it keeps coming back. The farm has all the right pieces—including great altitude and good varietals—and Luis Pedro and his team harvest and dry this coffee perfectly to give us an ideal starting point when we put this coffee in our roaster. We love offering great coffee from great farmers to great customers!

Notes from our Roaster

Here’s another great example of what you can expect from washed-processed Guatemalan coffees. Buena Vista’s acidity is subtle and contributes more towards its balance than to its brightness. When roasting this coffee, we’re wanting to balance its apparent stone fruit sweetness with its clean and refreshing mouthfeel, or body. It’s these qualities together that make Buena Vista such an approachable coffee: easy to recommend and easy to drink!