12oz. bags

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Blend components

Guatemala, Honduras

Notes from our Green Buyer

Why did make this blend? This espresso blend is meant to compliment, not to divert from, our Hidden City Espresso blend and offer another side to a balanced espresso extraction. The Davis Street Espresso offers a little more complexity and brightness, where Hidden City leans toward chocolate and body—but it still maintains the balance that you’ve come to love about our coffees. We went to Luis Pedro in Antigua, Guatemala for the base component, which brings in the caramelly butterscotch and then to Mosies in Marcala, Honduras to increase the acidity with his Natural Catuai varietal, which tops it off with the bright cherry notes—and they come together beautifully in our Davis Street Espresso blend.

Notes from our Roaster

For a while now, we’ve had the idea of a second espresso blend. We wanted you to have a brighter, more fruit-forward option. So, we set out to create another mainstay along the right-hand side of our dial. The Davis Street Espresso Blend is comprised of two farm-sourced coffees from Central America: Los Santos, a washed coffee from Guatemala, and El Puente Natural, a natural-process coffee from Honduras. Los Santos imparts the sweet butterscotch note, creating the overall mouthfeel and body of the blend. El Puente Natural imparts the acidity and fruitiness, making sure the strawberry jam note stands out in your espresso. When blended, these two components meld together for a balanced cherry, stone-fruit sweetness.