Mt. Hagen, Papua New Guinea


White Grape, Maple Syrup, Sage

12oz bags
Origin Altitude
Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea 1650-1900
Varietal Process
Typica, Bourbon, & Caturra Washed

Roteps Wet Mill is located in Kuli, a small city just east of Mt. Hagen. It's very difficult to find other wet mills operating that far up in Papua New Guinea's Western Highlands where a majority of farms are located. Paul, who owns the mill, routinely deploys his team in trucks to collect cherries from the neighboring smallholder farms in the area. Paul's team takes their truckloads of cherries, picked within a 20 mile radius of the mill, and dries them on long drying tarps in their drying field before the final milling in Goroka. Look for notes of white grape, maple syrup, and sage.