El Puente Geisha Natural, Honduras - 8oz.


Watermelon, Strawberry Jam, Lavender

12oz bags
Origin Altitude
Marcala, Honduras 1550
Varietal Process
Geisha Natural

This is packaged in an 8oz tin.

We're thrilled to offer this fantastic, naturally-processed El Puente Geisha. The Natural offers a wilder complexity and fruit-forward profile compared to the Washed counterpart. In the naturally-processed lot, we find notes of watermelon, strawberry jam, and lavender.

Marysabel Caballero and her husband Moises have become dear friends of ours over the past decade. To have worked directly with them and their farm, Finca El Puente, for as long as we have has been both a prize and a privilege; our relationship with the Caballeros is something we intend to nurture and keep. Finca El Puente is regarded as one of the leading coffee producers in Honduras and this geisha is another beautiful exhibition of their professional care and attention at work.

This is a special opportunity for you to taste a Geisha that's been processed exceptionally well. Don't miss your chance! We only have a limited quantity available. We're expecting to sell out this holiday season, so place your order soon!