Julio Arevalo Geisha, Peru


Blueberry, Lavender, Liqueur

12oz bags
Origin Altitude
Villa Rica, Peru 1700 m
Varietal Process
Geisha Natural

We met Julio Arevalo through a friend of ours - Paul Cebel. Paul works as an exporter in Oxapampa, Peru. Oxapampa is hidden within the Pasca region of Peru known for its specialty coffee production. Paul introduced to NARSA, the cooperative that Julio Arevalo is a part of. The soil on Julio's farm is comprised of 70% clay and 30% volcanic loam, which contributes to a unique and healthy soil composition. As this is only our second year offering his coffee, we're proud of the relationship we've begu building with Julio, Paul, and Peruvian coffee. Look for notes of blueberry, lavender, liqueur.