12oz. bags

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Ethiopia, Guji







Notes from our Green Buyer

This particular coffee comes from 26 smallholder producers in the Village of Mancity, an outgrower group of Dimtu Coffee Industries. These smallholders bring their cherries to the Tero washing station, one of Dimtu’s eight collection stations throughout Southern Ethiopia. The fermentation on this coffee is just right, as it’s a really clean example of a natural coffee. Look for a vibrant cup with lots of brightness and sweetness to balance it.

Notes from our Roaster

We hear it over and over: Ethiopian naturals mark the beginning of people’s appreciation of specialty coffee. Their particular flavor profile—loud, boasting berry and jammy fruit notes—take us aback when all we’ve known our coffee to be is … well, strong. Shakiso lands on the fruity side of our coffees, reminiscent of stewed stone-fruit with a vanilla bean sweetness. Whether your familiar with coffees along this side of our flavor dial, or this is completely new territory for you, you can enjoy the regional difference an Ethiopian natural offers on the brewing side!