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Guatemala, Huehuetenango







Notes from our Green Buyer

Fredy Morales was one of our first direct trade relationships in one of our favorite coffee growing regions—and one of the most fun to say, Huehuetenango (pronounced Hway-Hway- Tin- Awn-Go) in Guatemala. We knew right then what we still know now, this is one of the coffees we most look forward to each year! Finca Rosma is a small farm that has garnered big accolades over the years, as Fredy has multiple top ten finishes in the Guatemala Cup of Excellence competition. This coffee is complex, bright, and will please both those looking for nuance and those looking for balance.

Notes from our Roaster

Each year, we look forward to roasting Rosma for you, since it demonstrates the connection between flavor and place. Generally speaking, Huehuetenango produces coffees with a juicier flavor profile than in Antigua (another Guatemalan growing region). Think red fruit vs brown sugar. Rosma, however, goes one step further and distinguishes itself by an unmistakable citrus note. It’s not just consistently juicy, it’s consistently bright! So much so, we remember its acidity as particular to Finca Rosma–not Huehuetenango. Each year we roast it we want to draw this out particularity. We’ve put some version of citrus and stone fruit on the bag for years, so it should come as no surprise to you to read “citrus zest” and “apricot.”