12oz. bags

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Kenya, Ruiru







Notes from our Green Buyer

The Karatu Coffee Mill, in Thika, Kiambu, is part of the Gitwe Cooperative. The Coffee Mill lies in a volcanic area of the Aberdare Mountains on the eastern rim of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya and supports about 900 smallholder farmers, whose selections make up this coffee. This is another one of our amazing coffees from our Kenyan partner, Mark Barany.

Notes from our Roaster

Sometimes, the intensity of acidity in Kenyan coffees can be at the expense of the coffee’s mouthfeel, leaving your mouth with the unpleasant feel of pith or rind. The challenge, then, is to source Kenyan coffees whose acidity is kept in balance by other aspects of flavor, namely its sweetness. Karatu has a creamy sweetness, which is what we’re describing you’ll taste, with the note, “custard.” This ideal play between sweetness and acidity creates what we often refer to as “balance,” making it juicy and enjoyable.