12oz. bags

decorative blue tiles.


Honduras, Marcala







Notes from our Green Buyer

This is another exciting offering from our friends, Moises & Marysabel, at Finca El Puente in Honduras. A few years ago, Moises turned his backyard into his nano-lot processing facility, where he could pull the really special coffees from his farm and keep them constantly under his watchful eye. This allowed him to begin experimenting with anaerobic fermentation—where freshly picked coffee cherries are sealed in an oxygen-free environment for up to 72 hours before drying. This additional fermentation step allows for a natural formation of flavors that add complexity and bring out fruitiness and intensity in your cup!

Notes from our Roaster

Brewing a cup of an “anaerobic natural” can be a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be! While Moises’ naturals demonstrate the quintessential strawberry flavor note, his anaerobics take it to the next level, enhancing the acidity in the berry note and accentuating the juiciness in the mouthfeel—turning the red fruit note into something more like watermelon and strawberry candy. This is certainly one of our “loudest” coffees! We love brewing this coffee as a pour over (like on a Chemex) for extra clarity in the cup.