12oz. bags

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Blend components

Guatemala, El Salvador

Notes from our Green Buyer

The Winter Blend highlights our sourcing efforts from Central America. The first coffee of this blend we brought in from our old friend, Luis Pedro, who works with a group of smallholder farmers, outside of Antigua, called Los Santos. The other 2 coffees come from one producer, Lucia Ortiz, in Usulután, El Salvador: Finca Primavera, which is a washed coffee, and the El Rio honey-process lot from Finca Las Mercedes. This is a blend you’ll want to keep coming back to, as it offers a lot of easy brewing versatility—from pour-over to espresso to French press. This is a blend that will keep you warm and make everyone happy!

Notes from our Roaster

With Single Origin coffees, you taste two things: the distinctives of where it comes from and the skill of those who grew your coffee. However, with blends, you get something additional: you get to taste the interplay, or harmony, of those coffees combined together. It gives us (the roaster) an opportunity to create a more complex and balanced cup of coffee than what the components may offer you individually. Your Winter Blend is comprised of a variety of Central American coffees–the two washed coffees create an overall sweeter flavor profile with a full mouthfeel, having notes of fig and caramel, whereas the honey-process El Rio imparts a subtle, “malic” acidity like an apple or pear.