Carmen Geisha - TWIN PACK


Includes a 2020 Good Food Award Finalist!

PRE-ORDER for 12/17 Roast

12oz bags
Origin Altitude
Volcan, Panama 1750
Varietal Process
Geisha Washed & Natural

THIS IS FOR PRE-ORDER AND SHIPPING ONLY - Your coffees will be roasted on December 17th and shipped that day to arrive before the holidays.

We're thrilled to offer this fantastic Carmen Geisha varietal processed two different ways. When you enjoy these coffees side-by-side, you can see just how much difference processing makes in a cup of coffee. The Washed offers more balance in the cup whereas the Natural has a wilder complexity. In the washed-processed lot, we find notes of peach, bergamot, and toffee. In the naturally-processed lot, we find notes of cherry, watermelon candy, and jasmine.

CARMEN’s legacy lies in Carlos Aguilera Franceschi who runs the family farm, his grandmother’s namesake. Their entire operation is an impressive demonstration of both, quality and responsibility. For 50 years, Finca Carmen has produced some of the best coffees in Panama while employing sustainable post-harvest practices. We're excited to announce that the Carmen Geisha Natural has been recognized as a 2020 Good Food Award Finalist! We hope you enjoy this award-winning Oak Cliff Coffee offering.

This is a special opportunity for you to taste a Geisha that's been processed in two different ways, side-by-side. If you want to enjoy these coffees, don't miss your chance! We only have a limited quantity of them and are exclusively offering it through Oak Cliff Coffee and Davis Street Espresso. We're expecting to sell out fast, so place your order soon.