Alasitas Geisha - Washed


PRE-ORDER for 12/17 Roast

12oz bags
Origin Altitude
Caranavi, Bolivia 1580 meters
Varietal Process
Geisha Washed

THIS IS FOR PRE-ORDER AND SHIPPING ONLY - Your coffee will be roasted on December 17th and shipped that day to arrive before the holidays.

Our friends, Pedro and Daniella Rodriguez, own and operate Fincas Buenas Vistas, a series of small farms along the mountains of Caranavi. Las Alasitas is their largest and serves as a model farm for other small lot producers locally as well as internationally. Of all the Fincas Buenas Vistas, Las Alasitas has the largest plantation of Geisha varietals and is consequently one of the most sought out farms in Caranavi. With delightful notes of strawberry candy, orange zest, rose hip, and crème fraîche, one will be able to see how special this Geisha is.