Alasitas Geisha - TWIN PACK


PRE-ORDER for 12/17 Roast

12oz bags
Origin Altitude
Caranavi, Bolivia 1580 meters
Varietal Process
Geisha Washed & Natural

Purchase this Geisha Twin Pack and receive HALF-OFF on one of the tins! ($16 Savings)

THIS IS FOR PRE-ORDER AND SHIPPING ONLY - Your coffees will be roasted on December 17th and shipped that day to arrive before the holidays.

Can't decide on which one to get? Don't worry - we'll make it easy on you with this awesome Geisha Twin Pack! We're thrilled to offer this fantastic Geisha Varietal processed two different ways. When you enjoy these coffees side-by-side, you can really see just how much difference processing makes in coffee. The Washed offers more balance in the cup whereas the Natural has a wilder complexity.

These two geishas come from Alasitas, a small farm owned and operated by Pedro Rodriguez in the heart of Caranavi. We've become great friends with the Rodriguez' family and offer their coffees year round.

In the Washed Geisha, we find notes of strawberry candy, orange zest, rose hip, and crème fraîche.

In the Natural Geisha, we found notes of raspberry, lemon balm, lavender, and cabernet.