Alasitas Geisha - Natural


PRE-ORDER for 12/17 Roast

12oz bags
Origin Altitude
Caranavi, Bolivia 1580 meters
Varietal Process
Geisha Natural

THIS IS FOR PRE-ORDER AND SHIPPING ONLY - Your coffee will be roasted on December 17th and shipped that day to arrive before the holidays.

Geisha varietals and naturally processed coffees are highly rated and greatly revered in the world of coffee. In the pursuit of creating fantastic coffee, our friends, Pedro and Daniella Rodriguez, have combined these two unique facets of coffee into our first-ever naturally processed Geisha. It is the same varietal as the Las Alasitas Washed Geisha, but processed to bring out lush fruit notes, accented by the depth and complexities Geishas are famous for. We find notes of raspberry, lemon balm, lavender, and cabernet in this special offering.